With the previous and current administrations beefing up enforcement on Tax Liability collections, the Internal Revenue Service has been contacting and visiting individual taxpayers and businesses more often than ever before.  Due to frequent health care provider payment delays or complications in provider payments, many health care businesses, especially Home Care provider businesses, have been targeted often by the IRS for falling behind on payroll tax liability payments.  Trust fund Penalty issues are often the result as the health care business falls behind in paying 941 tax deposits and incurs stiff penalties and interest which often lead to further problems as IRS collection efforts begin.

Should you or your business owe money to the IRS, we can help.

We can expect to settle your Tax Debts by assisting you with the following:

1. Penalty & Interest Removal
2. Debt Reduction

3. Installment Agreements
4. Currently Not Collectable Status
5. Innocent Spouse
6. Offer in Compromise

Our firm also specializes in protecting you and preventing:

1. Bank Levies
2. Wage Garnishments
3. Liens
4. Seizure of Assets
5. Wage Garnishments
6. Revoking of Driver’s License

Our firm provides IRS Tax Audit Representation services.  We will protect your rights as a taxpayer and fight hard for your best possible audit outcome.  We are IRS audit experts for the healthcare industry and all other businesses.