Cost Reports


 Medicare Cost Report Preparation

Medicare Cost Reports are a requirement of participation for Medicare service providers. Preparing a late cost report, filing a cost report with errors, or simply failing to file a cost report can be devastating to a business operation as it may result in vendor hold payment status for the provider or even termination of the Medicare provider number.  Accurate and timely filing of your Medicare cost report is always the best rule of thumb.

 Texas HHSC Medicaid Cost Report Preparation

Texas HHSC Medicaid Cost Reports are required annually by the HHSC Rate Analysis department and must be prepared by certified cost report preparers. These Medicaid cost reports are prepared using the Fairbanks LLC STAIRS Cost Report system and can be very difficult and time consuming for any cost report preparer. CH Financial Management & Consulting has been preparing Medicaid cost reports for over 23 years and is ready to assist you in preparing your Medicaid Cost Reports.

Extended Repayment Schedule Requests and Debt Dispute Resolution

Medicare and Medicaid overpayments can occur by failing to file cost reports, audit adjustments as a result of errors, or non-compliance issues. In most cases, repayment of funds can cause a hardship for your business.  As a healthcare provider, if you receive a demand letter for repayment, time is of the essence to file an Extended Repayment Schedule (ERS) request.

Tax Preparation – IRS Tax Resolution and Representation – Audit Representation

 Federal & State Tax Return Preparation

Tax return preparation and filing can be very stressful for individuals and business owners.  CH Financial Management & Consulting can help put your worries to rest by offering to prepare your federal and state individual and business tax returns.  We have been preparing tax returns for clients for over 23 years and we firmly believe that effective tax preparation and planning can help you minimize your future tax liability.

IRS Tax Resolution and Representation Services

With the previous and current administrations beefing up enforcement on Tax Liability collections, the Internal Revenue Service has been contacting and visiting individual taxpayers and businesses more often than ever before.  Due to frequent health care provider payment delays or complications in provider payments, many health care businesses, especially Home Care provider businesses, have been targeted often by the IRS for falling behind on payroll tax liability payments. Trust fund Penalty issues are often the result as the business falls behind in paying 941 tax deposits and incurs stiff penalties and interest which often lead to further problems as IRS collection efforts begin.

 Audit Representation Services

While the odds of you being audited are about one percent of taxpayers, you may one day find yourself or your business subject to an IRS tax audit.  At CH Financial Management & Consulting, we specialize in IRS audit representation and have the audit experience and tax knowledge to provide you with a strong defense to ensure you are fully protected throughout your IRS audit.  Whether it may be a face-to-face audit or a correspondence audit, CH Financial Management & Consulting can help you make dealing with your IRS audit a less stressful experience.

Accounting – Client Payroll – Business Management

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our firm offers a variety of accounting bookkeeping services to assist you and your business operation.  We will customize services to meet your needs.

Client Payroll Services

Payroll management and preparation can become cumbersome and time consuming. As a business owner, you should focus on running your business efficiently. CH Financial Management & Consulting can tailor payroll services to meet the needs of your business.

 Business Management Services

As a business owner, it is important that you have certain elements in place so that your business can succeed.  CH Financial Management & Consulting offers a wide variety of business management services to assist you in making your dreams of owning your own business a reality.