Texas HHSC Medicaid Cost Reports are required annually by the HHSC Rate Analysis department and must be prepared by certified cost report preparers. These Medicaid cost reports are prepared using the Fairbanks LLC STAIRS Cost Report system and can be very difficult and time consuming for any cost report preparer. CH Financial Management & Consulting has been preparing Medicaid cost reports for over 23 years and is ready to assist you in preparing your Medicaid Cost Reports.

CH Financial Management & Consulting specializes in preparing Medicaid cost reports and Accountability Reports (AR) for the following Texas HHSC programs:

– Primary Home Care (PHC)
– Adult Day Care (DAHS)
– Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS)
– Residential Care (RC)
– Nursing Facilities (NF)

CH Financial Management & Consulting also provides training for novice preparers and training for preparers seeking

to enhance their confidence and skills in cost report preparation. We can also assist preparers in creating cost

allocation worksheets for preparers dealing with cost allocation. We can provide you with allocation worksheet samples from our existing database or we will tailor an allocation worksheet that fits your needs.

We realize that selecting a Medicaid cost report preparer can be a difficult decision. Experience and price are two factors that should always be considered when making your selection. Feel free to call us and we will be happy to discuss the details in preparing your cost report and also discuss a fair and comfortable price that you can afford.

We look forward to serving you.