Medicare Cost Reports are a requirement of participation for Medicare service providers. Preparing a late cost report, filing a cost report with errors, or simply failing to file a cost report can be devastating to a business operation as it may result in vendor hold payment status for the provider or even termination of the Medicare provider number.  Accurate and timely filing of your Medicare cost report is always the best rule of thumb.

CH Financial Management & Consulting has been servicing the health care community in preparing Medicare Cost Reports for health care providers just like yours for over 23 years. Through our years of experience in preparing Medicare Cost Reports, we ensure accuracy and timely filing of your Medicare cost reports.

CH Financial Management & Consulting emphasizes in the preparation of Home Health Agency, Hospice and Home Office cost reports, but also prepares Medicare cost reports for the following provider types:

  • Home Health Agencies (1728-94)
  • Hospice (1984-14, 1984-99)
  • Home Office (287-05)
  • Hospital (2552-10, 2552-96)
  • Community Mental Health Clinic/CORF (2088-92)
  • End Stage Renal Dialysis (265-11, 265-94)
  • Skilled Nursing (2540-10, 2540-96)
  • Federally Qualified Health Center (224-14)
  • Rural Health Clinic (222-92)
  • Low Medicare Utilization Cost Report

Medicare cost reports are prepared from source information provided by your company’s management in accordance with CMS Medicare regulations. Should you decide to have us prepare your cost report, we will provide you with an information request package containing a list of items needed to prepare your cost report.  We will guide you through the information collection process so that you won’t feel overwhelmed or stressed and to avoid delays.

We realize that selecting a Medicare cost report preparer can be a difficult decision. Experience and price are two factors that should be considered when making your selection. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details in preparing your cost report and also discuss a fair and comfortable price that you can afford.

We look forward to serving you.